And here I am again... Reviewing one of the PMVs that contributed on turning me into a weaboo..... (ponyweeb to be exact, XD)
The PMV is based on one of music video for the popular vocaloid duo, Kagamine Rin and Len, with the same title. So it can also be considered as direct ponification,ayy.
And as usual, Racecarghost, or from this point forward I should shorten it to RCG, nailed the Japanese feeling and atmosphere.

Your (RCG) adventure log has vanished..."

I miss RGC ;-;

Let's get down to da review :D
It is long time since the last post...
Here I am going to live up this place again once more and hopefully going to keep the pacing constant after this.
So, one of the PMVs I really like to review is "Something Just Like This" by JackDC93. One thing I know from Jack, aside being the most gigantic pone out there, is the creative colaboration between show footage style and motion graphics usage.
So... Let's get down below! *click the title*
Hey guys, Jarrodfeng here from The Collaboratory and today I've got just a little announcement reminding you all that the BronyCon PMV Contest deadline is just one month away! So all you PMV creators out there, make sure to get your awesome work in on time~! Check below for more details on the contest for those uninformed!
After over 3 months of work, PonyTimeRush have released their eagerly anticipated 6th PMV Collab! This one had no time limit allowing each member to really focus on making their parts shine and ultimately, I believe they've all done just that in this collab! Hey guys it's Jarrodfeng here, and today we're gonna be looking at "Home" by PonyTimeRush! I'll be taking a look at each person's part individually, so, let's get into it!
Trolling, then a meme... withing a meme? Join us, dear readers, as we view the works of SnowT and friends.